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As a child growing up in the tiny riverain village of Bartica in Guyana, I used to watch my grandmother casually toss pepper seeds around the yard and wait for the seeds to grow. In this tiny village located at the junction of three major rivers, it would rain almost every day for short periods of time, and the sun would shine really hot for the rest of the day! Because of this marvellous climate, the plants sprout very early. My grandmother would check the plants every day, water them, and as soon as the peppers were ripe (mostly red in colour), she would pick them.

I remember helping that tiny old lady pick the pepper stems. When we were finished, she would wash the peppers, take out her old, but reliable hand grinder, attach it onto the counter top and away she would go. She would grind the hot peppers to pulp form, then add her special ingredients to produce a delicious tasting hot sauce.

When my family and I immigrated to Canada, we joked for years about making our own hot sauce as we had difficulty finding one that lived up to the reputation of being hot and flavourful. I had continued making the hot sauce as I had learned from grandma for our own use, but decided to refine the recipe by adding more ingredients suitable to our own taste. The result of this experiment was an absolutely delicious tasting sauce!

Some of my friends and co-workers who had tried our sauce commented that not only was it hot, but delicious! They had suggested on many occasions that I market my product. I finally decided to follow their advice, and on my retirement from the government early in 1998, put my dream to the test by launching Basil’s Fire and Brimstone Hot Sauce which comes in two varieties - HOT and MILD.

Our first exposure was at Heritage Days in our hometown of Lethbridge, Alberta. The response was so overwhelming that we decided to sell our product at the local Farmers Market. It was a great success! Encouraged by this response, my family and I subsequently established our company, Simmons Hot Gourmet Products, and decided to expand our sales to other locations in Alberta. We made up recipe booklets and offered suggestions on various ways the sauce could be used. As before, the response was just overwhelming! We are constantly being congratulated on the fruity, exotic taste of the product as well as its hotness.

Responses as far away as the United Kingdom, Germany, Japan and parts of the United States have been very positive.

  • "I like the taste of your sauce. I have to purchase the MILD for Michele whenever I go to Calgary." (Ronald S. Colorado).
  • "I just love your hot sauce." (Betty D. Yonkers, New York)
  • I tried it on toast with marmalade and the taste was great!" (Tony M. Aldersyde, Alberta)

Try Basil’s Hot Gourmet Sauce in barbeque sauce, dips, salsa, chicken wings, spaghetti sauce, soups, stews, salad dressings - in almost anything you eat. One lady tried it with melons and remarked that the sauce quite definitely enhanced the taste of the melon! Try sweet and hot; it’s fantastic!!

And remember our motto:
"Not only hot and flavourful, but a little goes a long way."

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