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The Lethbridge Herald
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January 25, 2001:
"Hot sauce burns up New York city"

The Simmons family can add two more red-hot awards to their culinary mantlepiece.
Earlier this month, Basil Simmons and family went to New York to collect a first-place award for his
Basil's Fire and Brimstone sauce. It captured the international hot sauce category in an annual competition put on by Texas-based Chile Pepper magazine.
At the Sizzlin' On the Street competition, held outside the New York Stock Exchange,
Basil's Fire and Brimstone hot sauce also scored a double-barreled victory by taking first in both the Heat on the Street consumer's choice category, and the Complete Heat professional tasting category.
At the Sizzlin' on the Street competition, more than 350 products faced off in 50 categories.
It is the oldest and most prestigious competition in the world of spicy food, organizers say, and it has become an industry benchmark. Basli and family return home Monday.

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