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Our sauce is lovingly made (slaving over hot stoves all day) with the greatest attention to quality, by our family, for your family. We hope you find our Site fun and informative. We've got some interesting recipes using our Hot Sauce and a whole bunch of nifty info about sauces, the origin of our sauce and the areas of the world (with pictures) where this stuff actually originated. We might even give you a quick peek at how we make our sauce (but we have to keep the recipe a secret - you understand). The process has been handed down for generations and now, finally, you get to experience the Best Hot Sauce in the world. So unbuckle yer belt and settle in for a HOT dining experience!

Basil’s Fire & Brimstone is a all natural speciality gourmet hot pepper sauce. Remember, we’re not going to give away our recipe, but read on to spice up your life, tantalize your tongue, clear your sinuses ..... well, you get the picture.

We have 2 types – HOT ( has been rated 9-10 out of 10 peppers) and MILD, kicked up a notch (has been rated 4-6 out of 10 peppers). For each type, we currently have 3 different sizes.

The sauces have a salsa type consistency, so you can pour it slowly or use a spoon. When you open a jar of our hot sauce, you can see flecks (sometimes chunks) of hot peppers and fruit.

Remember, this is no ordinary hot sauce. It is a West Indian style pepper sauce, so for some of you, even the MILD type will make your eyes water.

The hot pepper sauces are packed in an attractive glass jar, oval hexagonal in shape, with a gold metal twist cap. They are protected by safety strips, red for the HOT type, and green for the MILD type. The largest jar also comes with an attractive colour recipe card and serving suggestions.

View and order our Products
Printable Order Form
Sample Order (how we like to see 'em filled out)

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