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August 2001:
Mixed Bean & Pasta Salad - Great hot August dish ...
July 2001:
Mango Dessert Topper - Simmon's Family Favorite!
June 2001:
Margaret's Potato Salad - Summer Sizzler Recipe
May 2001:
I have no idea where anyone is ...... but I'm happy!!
April 2001:
Basil's Favorite Salmon - Fiery fish .....
March 2001:
Curry Dip - Just right for fiery dippin'
February 2001:
Chicken Strips in Spicy Dip - Hot, tasty bird
January 2001:
Screaming Chicken Wings - Hold on to your shorts!
September 2000:
Savory Roast Beef - Wonderful done on a gas Bar-B-Q
August 2000:
The Cook went on a much-deserved holiday (we think??)
July 2000:
Spicy Beef Strips - Hot 'n' Tasty
June 2000 2000:
Fiery Ribs- everyone likes these!
May 2000:
Channa (Chick Peas) - this one is a favorite snack of Basil's
April 2000:
Easter Ham - this is one of Hilda’s favorite recipes
March 2000:
Spice up your eating experience with Curried Prawns

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