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Guyanese Stories and Proverbs

Kaieteur Falls in GuyanaWe will try to update this page as often as possible ... it is intended to be just for fun and to try to give you a feel for the flavor of the islands.

Please note:
These stories and proverbs may be written phonetically. The purpose of doing so is to give you a sense of what these may sound like out loud when spoken by some Guyanese or people originating from the Islands of the West Indies and the Caribbean. It may not be true for all of these peoples: remember, we originated from Guyana.

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"Every day bucket a go a well. One day e bottom must lef."

"If you continually do things that are not right, someday those wrong things will catch up to you."

"Hand wash hand make hand come clean."

"When you do a favor for someone or someone does a favor for you and that favor is returned, then all debts are closed."

"Cow na miss he tail til cow fly season"

"We really don’t appreciate what we have until we no longer have it"

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