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The Lethbridge Herald
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September 14, 1999:
Leona Flim
"Basil Hopes sauce will be hot seller"

With the powerful zing of Scotch bonnet peppers and the sweet, subtle flavour tease of exotic mangoes, Billy’s Hot Pepper Sauce knows how to treat a palate...

His sauce offers more than sizzle alone, as is the case with some hot sauces . . . It also packs a big flavour punch....

Billy’s Hot Pepper Sauce has a wide range of culinary possibilities, from use in meats, poultry and sandwiches to pasta, soup and other sauces. For Simmons, who especially likes using his product in barbecue sauce, soups and potato salad, it’s a way to fill a need he first encountered upon immigration to Canada in 1976.

Note: You may notice that some articles do not mention Basil’s Fire & Brimstone. The reason for that stems from the fact that this wonderful hot sauce has undergone a name change from when it was first produced.

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